Outreach Partners


Mason’s Toy Box is dedicated to improving the lives of families impacted by childhood illness and injury. Children living with childhood cancer and other life-threatening illnesses suffer long-term impacts, and families affected suffer emotional and financial hardship. The Mason’s Toy Box mission is to provide support to these families through resources, tangible necessities, and advocacy. Through our partnership we are able to help provide many of the resources families need in their hardest times as a reminder of God’s presence and provision.

Fostering Acadia is an independent living arrangement serving foster care youth 17-21 years of age that serves the youth while focusing on finding permanency for them. Through our partnership with FA we are able to help FA meet a variety of tangible needs throughout the year, ensuring that all youth in the program feel seen, valued, and loved. We believe that God will make himself undeniably known to these youth as we continue to show up for them and meet tangible needs.

Vessels of Mercy International believes that hope starts right here at home and stretches across the globe. They partner with organizations, churches, ministries, and individuals making resources and strategic tools available to restore broken lives. By offering hope and assisting people to become self-sustaining, they’re helping people reach their God-given potential. Heights partners with Vessels of Mercy, assisting with resources and tangible items needed to make this hope possible here in our city.

The mission of Liberation Church is to “Love People, Show Kindness and Serve Change.” Liberation desires to build God’s church and present it as a safe haven for the city of Richmond and beyond. At Heights, we believe that the local church is the hope of the world, and through our partnership with Liberation we are coming together to serve our city throughout the year in an effort to lead as many people as we can to experience the God who can change their life.

Mercy Mall is a ministry offering free clothing, housewares, baby items, and more to individuals and families experiencing crisis. Their mission is to serve the hungry, the homeless, and the hurting by filling practical needs, providing resources, and building relationships. Through our partnership with Mercy Mall we serve in a variety of ways with the goal of helping move their mission forward, impacting the lives of as many people as possible in our community.

Commonwealth Senior Living is a local senior living community that strives to improve the lives of seniors and their families by offering assisted living, memory care, and short-term care. Our partnership with CSL gives us the opportunity to spend intentional time with seniors in our community who may otherwise feel forgotten and alone.

Into the Neighborhood was founded on loving God, loving neighbors, equipping others to do the same, and then sending them out. Through our partnership, we are able to come together to mobilize people to live out God’s mission for their lives, and reclaim, restore, and rebuild the landscape of their community.

McShin Foundation

McShin Foundation is Virginia’s leading recovery resource. By providing fun activities for their residents, we are given the opportunity to build relationships with those walking through recovery. Life change happens in the context of those relationships. Showing up consistently for McShin residents opens the door for us to be able to lead them to experience the God who can change their lives!

Virginia Supportive Housing

Virginia Supportive Housing has a mission to end homelessness for good. Through our partnership with VSH, we focus on providing meals to residents. Over those meals, intentional conversations take place, with a goal of building trust, that over time develops into authentic relationships. Through these relationships we are praying for the opportunity to lead each resident to the God who can change their life!

Fresh Start for Single Mothers

Fresh Start for Single Mothers community outreach project is a unique program designed to provide an environment of positive support for single mothers and their children, where they will find encouragement, education, inspiration, growth, and hope for both daily living and their future. Fresh Start is built on the mindset that positive changes made by all mothers will influence their children’s future. Through our partnership with Fresh Start, we hope to provide tangible resources to single mothers in our community, opening the door for God to move in their lives!

28:19 Ministries​

28:19 Ministries exists to go where we are called in Jesus' name, expressing our love for Him by serving others and empowering them to take their next step of faith in Jesus. By partnering together we're able to expand the reach of the love of Jesus not only locally, but globally as well!​

Reinhart Guest House

The Evelyn D. Reinhart Guest House has a mission to bring compassion to health care and to be good help to those in need. The Reinhart House provides supportive and comfortable accommodations to families of patients of the Bon Secours Health System that will effectively promote health and wholeness in an environment that feels like home. Through our partnership with the Reinhart House, we provide care and support for guests, leading them to experience the God who can change their lives.

United Methodist Family Services (UMFS): Richmond Campus

The Richmond Campus is UMFS’ main base for foster care, residential treatment, adoption, private day school for specialized education, and community-based services. UMFS strives to transform lives by doing whatever it takes to help children and families in need. UMFS has set a goal that every child in Virginia will have a team of unwavering champions and tools for success to become resilient adults. By partnering with UMFS we are providing support and love for foster families and children with exceptional needs and past experiences, opening the door for each child and family member to experience God.

Chesterfield County Jail: HARP Program

Addiction levels are at epidemic levels as well as opiate overdoses and opiate deaths. Because Chesterfield Sheriff’s Office recognizes that substance use disorders are not a crime, but a treatable illness, they established the HARP program with a goal of providing inmates with the tools to become and stay sober, ending addiction before leaving jail. Heights has been given the opportunity to serve in a variety of ways, supporting men and women in the HARP program, providing love, support and resources to help grow their faith.

Henrico Corrections and Parole

Our partnership with Henrico Corrections and Parole has a simple motive: to provide people released from jail with essential items that will give them encouragement and hope as they step back into the community. In the process of being released, men and women often come to the parole office without clean clothing, and without food for several hours. Heights has been able to step in to supply new t-shirts, snacks, water bottles and small essentials for men and women to have so that they walk into the community feeling seen and loved and filled with hope for the future.